Portfolio Watch

This is the first post of a series of posts where I share my investment portfolio I have with EasyEquity. If you don't know what EasyEquity is, drop me a mail and I'll explain in more detail, but the gist of it is - its a platform to help you invest money in the SA, US and AUD stock exchanges with very low brokerage fees.

My goals

I started investing about 3 months ago. I've started with just R350, which is 1% of our (my wife and I) net monthly income. It isn't much. It could be more. I'm aiming to invest at least 10% within the next 9 years.

My main aim with this investment portfolio is to grow it to a level where it covers 6 months of our monthly expenditure, including medical aid, pension and any other company benefits. I don't want to be an employee for the rest of my life or I at least want to be an employee who has enough financial backing that I could have more negotiating power with my employers.

I will get into more detail regarding my goals in another post. For now, let's see where my portfolio stands.

My portfolio

Account Overview

During these uncertain times, any sort of positive growth in my portfolio is a bonus. Just a couple of days ago, my growth percentage was at 2%. So I am very happy with my portfolio. All my assets are showing growth except for two.


Multichoice Group Limited Screenshot

Multichoice Equity The only reason why I bought Multichoice was because there was an announcement that the company will pay dividends. My strategy is for growth, so I'm not too sure why I went for income on this one. But I want to see how this pans out and maybe I can adopt it in my investment strategy.

Multichoice also announced that they signed a deal with Netflix and Amazon to stream their services through their new decoder. That would explain the 27% rise in the past 3 months. I also have the feeling that the stock price might fall with about 5-10% after the dividends are paid.


MTN Group Limited Screenshot

MTN Equity This is my top performing stock. I got a tip friend to buy MTN stock. I was skeptical at first but decided to follow his advice anyway and it looks like it paid off. I hope the company goes from strength to strength.

There are talks that MTN will launch their mobile network here in Namibia. Currently they only offer business services. If they can start selling phones and offer mobile services, the price will go up even further. So even though the price is high, I think I will buy even more shares in MTN.

But first, I want to invest more in ETFs. Currently my portfolio is made up of 56% equity and 44% ETFs. I want that ratio to be about 30% equity and 70% ETFs. So with my next investment, I'll go for ETFs in China and Europe, to diversify my portfolio even further.

That's it for this week. Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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